Meet Me In St Louis, Crowe T Brookes, St Louis, MS (2002)

fig. a) from the left, ARH, MT, MD, EE, SV
fig. a) St Louis Arch Gateway To The West, SV, JN, MT, BS, MS (courtesy of MW)

A dozen or so artists from Chicago were invited to St Louis to participate in, Meet Me In St Louis. It was Mardi Gras weekend and uncommonly warm. The show was installed at Crowe T. Brookes. The space was downtown among the taller somewhat derelict remains from the previous century of boom. Before it was commandeered as a culture hub the 4th or 5th floor of the building was an unremarkable industrial space. By 2002 it was already imagining itself transformed into a flattering collection of spare roomlets with stainless micro kitchens and brisk patios for bachelor inspired hibachi maneuvers.
Once the drinking and the revelry was over and we picked ourselves up off the floors and the short sofa's. When we had finally poked at our last beers brushed our teeth and smoked a cigarette then we gathered for brunch at a fluffy little crepe shack. We were 4 abutted tables drinking our coffees black and chewing up our buttery eggs. Or we were one long table for twelve waiting for our turn to complain about the other sons of molybdenum. After breakfast, standing in the rain we made our good bye noises.
Then some of us stopped to look up.
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