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Just the Hangover Please

She hides in the shallow end of her otherwise deep pillow, waiting for it. Stay, stay, staying on target. Her hand trembles between her knees like it's an old man boarding a bus. The cotton slip, the rose, or the pink of it is also sweaty. It rides up Emile's back. Her ass it hangs out like the nape of a beast but it's all backward knees with one slit eye like a jingle bell. Gentle handfuls of understanding form the long swooping neck of its curve. Knock, Knock, Jerk.
The middle of the bed is an echo, like a tea pot with an urgent whistle and a hot handle. It's first rate but not fancy. It bangs and it bangs behind her sweaty eyeballs so no else can see. The real moves, all the moves that're committed to this memory happen right at this edge. The still sheets drape and crumple there at the horizon. Then they slip over the side and mingle blue with the clothes across the naked floor. Git up sum, I've got me this.
Her hair's brown. It's brown and short. It&…