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My cart is full but it's my heart that needs free shipping

INSTEAD (at Dogmatic, ca.2006) This is a sketch for a group project, a head on way to deal with the nostalgia of a dead space (or Dogmatic which was soon enough to die). Written with a slightly short hand all of it's words confess an acuity for dumb abruptness. They went one after another just like this on the lined page of a little splotched exam book.
Something more to be said about walking away. Last program at Dogmatic is a walk through audio trip. with no work. only descriptions of the works that these artists did in the space. Last group show is a sound show curated by (John) Wanzel. Floor and walls painted in grids. Instead of, Instead I got this drunken sprawl of self loathing... What was that, fantasies never fart? Oh well.