Ms Brave, the splash page

grey scale

The Origin Of The Worst Lab Partner Ever Looks Like This...

SPLASH PAGE: Located visual center on a white field is a black circle with a simple white thought balloon at it’s center.
     bold text (no caps) wrapped around the black circle: 
ms brave qu'est que c'est ms brave she knows this

     thought balloon's text (all caps distorted and bunched up tight, stacked 2 over 1):

Scene 1: the lab a long room with tall tables for teaching and experiments. There is plenty of science to be seen, glassware, Bunsen burners, periodic tables. In the of the room front is the teachers station with a blackboard behind it. On one side of the room is a line of tall windows framed in steel. 
      It was the heat of the moment
     Telling me what my heart meant
     The heat of the moment showed in your eyes

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