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Stanley, It's a dark and stormy night, Umper-Kunst

The water's getting there. The truck is keeping it's lights trained on the embankment. A rusted TV aerial is twisted up in the scrub at the base of this dead tree. I keep pulling on the antenna but nothing keeps happening again. Stanley comes over and wipes at his brow in a methodical way that suggests that the action isn't entirely fruitless.
Honest urchin, Stanley raises up his hand. Tom I'll swear it out on a stack of Al's holy's. They're clocks, just like fucking clocks.
I grab my shovel and look the foul tangle over again.
What’s to keep these institutions from forming bigger more aggregated versions of themselves... They're sure as shit gonna buy into each others collections. It won’t be partnering then but it'll be something like it. More like they'll be lashing them collections together until they form one massively cohesive jobber of a snowball. Them umper-kunsts will redistribute all that history however they see fit then. They’ll to…

Salt the pleasures of this tool's reason

Fine fine fine for the wrench of this bird too yet dangerous as blank verse is, Miss Otis regrets nothing birdly hammer or fool...
Let's defy common sense and beg them for more. Let's go to the dance and come home poor. Let's hope to be happened and hung from the line. Let's entertain the rich. Let's math up their time. Let's break all their toy's and say it was love. Let's open their brandy and piss on the rug. Let's seed their garden with salt every night. Let's entertain the rich. Let's put up a fight. 16th Century Blue, Blue Danger, Blue   

doing time in a scheme ladened plan of seduction

That a vicious circle formed from knobby elbows and backwards glances also includes scapegoats old tires and the fat milk from the bottom That Percy Wyndham was denounced as a fraud by Percy Wyndham That the proper weight of a young sparrow is always 3 including it's vest and the typical drinks This is our game and the chance of our math is not to keep us young but we'll learn to spit healthily with good gusto even

Sears, Sears (from where we percieve it a state of being is what it is)

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