Sous les pavés, la plage - MDW ART FAG CITY

I Totally Appropriated This From A Lori Waxman Article Thank You... 
I'm really disturbed that so much maliciousness and misunderstanding is radiating from the MDW event this weekend. I see some stalwarts of our august community striking enigmatic and judgii poses while hoping to see fireworks and fiddle playing. This event, fair, or un-fair did what it has done in prior years when it didn't face eviction or hurricane related issues. It brought together a community to gaze at some belly buttons and drink some beer and talk productively with one another. I think that MDW's critics miss or have missed the essential nature of what this community is and how it comports itself in the face of an art world that refuses to catch up with us. Despite inventing the gangster and the skyscraper we are here because so many before us were here too. As Chicagoans we understand and embrace this rich history. Our presence in this city is our gift to each other. As well as the chance opportunities afforded by any reminder that a beach is under the Magnificent Mile.* 


*Ed, Ed, Ed, really?

**Michael Workman and Pedro Velez sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G


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