Absolutely My Last Retrospective

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Something I thought you folks might be interested in. May 13, 2011 to August 7, 2011, Tales (not truths) by The Mechanic & The Handyman, Jno Cook and Gordon Ligocki, Valparaiso University, Brauer Museum of Art. Curated by the wonderful and insiteful, Linda Dorman and Tom Torluemke. For those not in the know, Jno Cook is an unparalleled artist with a sardonic streak a mile wide. He is a maker, a tinkerer, and thinker of sentences that almost always involve punctuation. Mr Cook has aggressively investigated aesthetic with camera's, computers, soldering irons, and screwdrivers. He has displayed his works with such great spaces as NAME, Randolph Street, Artemesia, and Tough. Jno maintained representation with one of the final Uncomfortable Spaces, Beret International Gallery through (2000) and then with Uncle Freddy's Gallery, in Indiana through (2009). Prior to Facebook Jno developed spaces.org the go-to spot for indy programs happening in and around Chicago, the site also featured invited artist's very early experimental projects with the web. Later on he assumed the caretaking responsibilities for the othergroup listserv. His work has been reviewed in the New Art Examiner, The Chicago Reader, The Chicago Tribune, The Sun-Times, The Atlanta Journal, U-Turn, Dialogue, and Sculpture. A sketch of the show can be found here http://jnocook.net/valpo.htm. It might be a hike, but the work is amazing in it's breadth and farsightedness. 
A brief review by Martin Jon is available here at Gapers Block
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