Flat4: Untitled (Carnival) M Duguid, C Olson, EC Brown

The spinner rack is stocked with cards and essays for viewers 

Flat4: Untitled (Carnival), ran in December at Floor Length and Tux. This Program featured the work of Meg Duguid and Catie Olson. EC Brown contributed a collection of essays written by a diverse group of folks on the topic of Chicago's apartment or Indie Spaces. This collection also, Untitled, can be found at this link (it looks as though this collection was removed and this link is no longer active my apologies). Happily, my snark is included at the very end, pages 46-48. A 2nd draft of this piece appeared here. Selected essays from it also appear here at the Bad At Sports blog.
I also contributed a brief statement for Duguid and Olsons work at Flat4, as well as a recipe for Macaroni and Cheese that was printed in a booklet provided with a complimentary CD of selected musics.

Thank you all
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