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Gratification is Jake?

This is why Rock and Roll can be dangerous, it’s the cleverest toy of barbarians. Rock and Roll leaves behind unclean teens that are giddy like moths that are drunk from the rich candle sap of deep pine. I can sit for long hours with Lester Bangs and only come away with fresh freaks. All the freaks want is a savior, "Is it so much to be new?"  
The smell of my fingers in the morning is good. They smell warm and nutty like tobacco that’s been easily transformed into something that can hint at the day to come. When I wake up I’ll make coffee with them. This is what I’ll do. So I can have coffee, cigarettes and this smell. It’s not very easy. So here’s a list of the novels that I’ll write: Girls aren’t ironic: a story. It's a story that can appear to be small or narrow but it will be enlarged. In the words of it's protagonist, "The bottom is already the bigger, let's look deeper." After this they'll shop and have a great adventure with, coriander, chile,…