My Name is Bobby Too: Excerpts From 36 Shorts

Burned Fried Set Aside The Meat Show, Dogmatic (1998)

This short video features, Beat Time, and Critique of Track No.03 from the 1998 audio project, 36 Shorts. These pieces were developed from an audio piece I attempted to create for, Burnt Fried Set Aside: The Meat Show at Dogmatic. I intended to construct an audio piece that mimicked the drone of multiple house flies moving through space. I spent several weeks poking at wave forms and layering tracks until I had to finally abandon it. Many of the tracks that were left behind I later reassembled into a series of short interchangeable works that were to be paired with a series of animations that I was developing. Only a few of these 2nd generation audio works was ever fully constructed but none of the animated pieces have survived. Two of these surviving works are paired with unrelated still images from 2010.

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