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Treatment For Three Volumes (2009) Van, Cardboard

Treatment For Three Volumes (2009) Van, Cardboard
Diego Bobby

Owing to the strength of modernity, with its pedagogical nowness, and it's remote biases, Treatment For Three Volumes acts as an “assemblage” of hierarchal moments in the stanza of a joke. It's punch line both eminent and expected within an accepted pattern of 3 passes. This work's treatment is the litmus of comedy in the crucible of specificity and timing. Its nature is narrative though not as an imperative but as a breathe following the mixed gestures of a hiccup followed then by a fart, and a sneeze. Driven as a device of element and process, Treatment For Three Volumes is the gleaned wit of spurned children blessed in the tidal waters of the 60's. It's notions to be determined in the gathering and assembling of the same materials thrice, immediately, and within the context of their immediate experience. It's understanding however lay in the post-contemporary earnestness for doubt and illusion that is both inert and pervading. Wherein the expense of suffering through the imminent moment of the narrative now, at the expense of the audiences voyeuristic instinct remains a sacrificial distinction of honest depravity. To you, I say good luck.

Shrill Show
Hyde Park Art Center
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