Dogmatic Gallery, Chicago (1997-2008)

His Name Is Not Kimsy

Dogmatic, what is a Dogmatic?
Dogmatic opened in 1997. Its first show was, His Name Is Not Kimsy. 1822 S Desplaines is a mixed use residential building located in Chicago’s Pilsen neighborhood. The building houses between 2 and 5 occupants at any time. In addition to the exhibition area its residents also have ample living, studio and shared workshop space on site. Dogmatic was founded by four artists, Paul Chan, Aviv Kruglanski, Andrew Natale and Michael S. Thomas, the current director. The gallery's name has nothing to do with dogs. Siebren Versteeg, our web designer is responsible for the anthropomorphism of the gallery’s name. Dogmatic shows it all however site specific work is what the space is best known for. Dogmatic is a platform that artists, writers, and musicians are encouraged to make use of. We maintain that it is crucial that artists remain unedited and that the public not be ridiculed in order to reach a mutually beneficial understanding of this works cultural significance. Typically a show at Dogmatic is open for four weeks after its opening reception. Dogmatic is open to the public on Fridays and Saturdays otherwise appointments can be made. Dogmatic has a website at (the site will be undergoing some significant changes in the coming months) Dogmatic does sell limited term use franchises to artists to interested parties.

Images of early Dogmatic

Images from Dogmatic Advertising

Images from, Made at Work: What Artists Do When They Are Being Paid To Do Something Else (1999)

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