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Buster, Finch, Robison, CHOnPS, drawing from sketchbook

No not random at all, Right away Finch let’s me know what he’s thinking about. He starts with the airborn scrubbers, Way up high in all of that punchy space above the clouds there are fat loopy chains of carbon. They’s got nothing to do all day long but gang up with whatever neurotic bits of hydrogen are trying to make time with whatever oxygen is floating around. No platitudes can keep the nitrogen from jumping the fence and making a mad beat for the jinky the sulfur. So they all set a date as timid Tuesday. That’s when the great catalyst called drama, the (equation+lightning=pop) happens. That’s when all of this otherwise inert stuff gets to meet Senior Phospherus and it all spins up into a whimsical new machine.
It's construction shouldn't be this exciting but it is, it is-it is. Because soon after it starts tumbling down like a rain cloud. It’s just like very tiny laundry being kicked into metaphorical hot air by a fleet of metaphorically sprinting gazelle. Millions of mi…

Bang (bomb)

This image is from a larger series of drawings that were based on great explosions of the 20th century. The intention was to devise a graphical lexicon that was immediately recognizable as modern without necessarily identifying as universal experiences. It was an important function of these drawings to be recognizable but not be relatable as pop or kitsch. The lexicon itself was to serve as the basis for a deeper look into the practical function and limits of collage.  This particular piece was used as the preparatory drawing that was then transitioned onto a tabletop. The final image was executed with india ink and acrylic paint with some additional support from gel medium to extend the life and the body of the 2 water based mediums. When the final painting cured it was covered with an acrylic clear coat.  The table itself was constructed from rough cut planks and repurposed plywood. It was situated in the 2nd floor kitchen at 1822 S Desplaines for a few years. Around the time that …