Rusty George and the Cartographer's Tale

For sweet sweet Otto, With death from above

George is large and as whole as an entire room of Benjamin's he sniggered softly to himself. I hope he let's us have the eggplant in the French room again?
Please, god no, Random turned and shook his head. Look company or not what about that Rothko. The one that's in the passage outside, He asked. 
Let's switch sides at least, He suggested. This whole campaign is making me uncomfortable now.
Plus, On the train. Now that's for Heroes.
What an unfortunate name?
Poor kid can't even shorten it.the only Otto I know is the bus driver for the simpson's.
and Anne franks dad. he was named Otto.
Anne frank her dad was named Otto.
you know the little girl that died in world war 2.
see it's the 18 hundreds all over again.

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