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Yes yes we've invented nothing (maybe not)

fig.1) ...we've come to this path by dirt and imitation. (ca.1988)

“My image of the “ghost,” including everything conventional about its appearance as well as its blind submission to certain contingencies of time and place, is particularly significant for me as the finite representation of torment that may be eternal. Perhaps my life is nothing but an image of this kind; perhaps I am doomed to retrace my steps under the illusion that I am exploring, doomed to try and learn what I should simply recognize, learning a mere fraction of what I have forgotten.” 
Breton, Andre. Nadja. New York: Grove Press. 1960, 31
"Every product of disgust capable of becoming a negation of the family is Dada; Protest by fists with all one’s might in taking destructive action is Dada;...abolition of Dada;...abolition of memory is Dada; abolition of property is Dada; abolition of history is Dada; abolition of property is Dada; abolition of the future is Dada; absolute and indisputable god-like faith in every product of immediate spontaneity is Dada.” Attributed to Tristan Tzara; Lewis, Helena. The Politics of Surrealism. New York: Paragon House Publishers. 1988, 5
“The anarchist artist, on the other hand, has no trouble saying, as Breton wanted to, that the art has the same meaning as the act. Individualist aesthetics is perfectly compatible with individualistic politics. The problem of reconciling politics and culture goes away if anarchism is the ideology that informs both.” Weir, David. Anarchy and Culture: The Aesthetic Politics of Modernism. Massachusetts: University of Massachusetts Press. 1997, 1


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